Friday, March 1, 2013

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Dyslexia: Diagnosis,
Planning and Support for Struggling Readers 

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When students begin to experience challenges with reading and related learning issues, it can be difficult for parents to understand what specifically is happening and how to best support their children. 

In this free one-hour webinar sponsored by Learning Ally, Dr. Paul B. Yellin, Director of The Yellin Center for Mind, Brain, and Education will provide:
  • A detailed explanation of what is meant when we talk about "dyslexia"
  • An in-depth look at the many types of subtle learning variations that may be at play when a student is struggling with reading, spelling, or other challenges
  • Insight into why understanding each learner's individual strengths as well asweaknesses should be an essential component of educational planning.
Dr. Yellin will help parents, teachers and practitioners understand how developing appropriate strategies and interventions can improve children's reading skills and boost self-esteem. When families are armed with a deeper understanding of the root causes of a student's reading symptoms, they can help to grow resilient, improved learners with a rekindled love of reading.

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Dr. Paul B. YellinAbout Dr. Yellin: Paul B. Yellin, MD, FAAP, is Director of The Yellin Center for Mind, Brain, and Education, a New York City-based learning evaluation, support, and professional development organization which provides customized support for students and educators based on emerging knowledge in neuroscience. Dr. Yellin is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at New York University School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics.

Learning Ally - Making reading accessible for allAbout this webinar series: Learning Ally is proud to partner with leading experts in the learning disabilities and assistive technology fields. On a bimonthly basis, we sponsor free webinars for students, their parents and educators - providing a wealth of practical information on resources and accommodations for individuals who learn differently.

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