Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dyslexia Impacts Math

According to an article entitled, The Impact of Dyslexia on Math" by Rosalind W. Rothman, Ed.D., Director, Language and Learning Associates & Claire Lavin, Ph.D., Professor, College of New Rochelle, "The mastery of the symbolic language of mathematics involves many verbal cognitive processes that can be affected by dyslexia. Ignoring the impact of dyslexia on the mastery of mathematics can hamper a child’s progress in school and in life."

Children with dyslexia may need tutoring and accommodations in Math as well as Reading, Writing, and Spelling.

Recommended Programs for tutoring:
Times Tales-
Kahn Academy-

Accommodations might include:
Use of a calculator and/or number line to work through multi-step problems
Use of a multiplication chart- google images multiplication charts
Sample problems available even during tests
Shortening the number of problems to complete
Extended time- especially on tests
Avoid timed math tests/ assignments

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