Thursday, April 8, 2010

OH Dyslexia Law

The Executive Committee of the Ohio Dyslexia Group has been working for the past two years to increase the awareness of dyslexia. It is their goal that a Dyslexia Law be passed in the state of Ohio. The bill will help to identify students and see that they get proper reading instruction in school. It will help to get teachers in colleges and universities trained in the multisensory approach in teaching reading.

The Bill will be written in April – early May. Hopefully it will be introduced by Representative Ted Celeste, the sponsor, in June.

The bill could pass quickly depending on the knowledge and excitement of the representatives for the bill......or linger....or die. We need to inform our state legislators of the important need for this bill.

Before the end of May, please contact your legislators and let them know about this is important issue.

To contact your Senator go to:
To contact your Representative go to:

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